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Intake Date: 28 October 2019 Birth date: 20 March 2019 Female, Black and Tan Kelpie -- A note about her colour: we are aware she appears very light coloured in the photos, however, she is very nearly black in person. Sort of a faded or dirty black. We are marking her as black and tan as to not mislead anyone into thinking she is truly blue. PUPDATE 20 January 2020! ? Clue is a purebred Kelpie who came to us when she proved to be too much for her family. No surprise with a young working dog! ? Clue is in need of a job, and lots of confidence building as she can be a bit concerned with strange people and things, though definitely takes her confidence cues from her person and her pack mates. ? Clue is bright, eager, and willing. She can be silly and playful, enjoys playing with other dogs, and is a real pleasure to be around. ? Clue will do best in an active home that understands that rules and parameters are part of the game. Clue would love to become someone's walking or hiking partner - she is very athletic and would enjoy becoming a training partner for games such as agility. Clue may be a candidate for stockwork, though has not been started. ? Clue is crate trained, and appears to be housebroken. Clue enjoys training, and will need a playful, confident dog partner, as well as a human partner ready to bend her brain. ? Clue's history with children and cats is unknown. She is located in Maryland. ? For information on adoption, please visit our website at Please be sure to read our FAQs prior to application. #mabcr #rightdogrighthome #MABCRClue @ MABCR ...................................... Clue is a young dog with quite a bit of confidence building to do. Once she knows you, she adores you, but initial greetings have to be done slowly. She has the potential to be a fantastic sports prospect and possibly a herding prospect with the right home. She is not a dog for an inexperienced handler or for a first dog. She does great with other dogs and has lived with older children (10+). We will update here as we get to know her more and as she comes out of her shell a bit. For information on adoption, our FAQ, and application, please see PLEASE READ our procedures prior to making inquiry regarding this dog. . Please see our main website at for more information regarding the adoption of this or any dog from our rescue. . Please note that while this dog is currently available, any dog on our site may have an adoption pending and may not be available to you at this time. The same dog may later become available if the adoption falls through. . Our website will give you details on our adoption procedures as well as an application for adoption. An application must be submitted prior to 'matching' an adopter with a dog as all dogs do not fit into all homes. We pride ourselves in our adoption process, we take the time to get to know our adopters so that we can place a dog with them that they can enjoy for years to come. . Please understand that we will not discuss dogs with individual adopters until after the application process is completed. . Our rescue does not have a public facility, therefore there are no visiting hours. Appointments to visit with the available dogs are made after the application process has been completed by our staff. . To assist any dog within the MABCR organization, please consider making a donation to the general fund or to the medical fund. All dogs coming into our rescue are fully vetted (s/n and innoculations) prior to adoption. . Rescuing animals is quite expensive. If you are unable to adopt, but would like to help this, or any other animal in our system, please consider a sponsorship donation. For information on our sponsorship program, please contact Sarah at . Thank you for your interest in Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue.


You can help rescued Border Collies immediately by making a tax deductible donation to Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue (MABCR) through PayPal. All donations to Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue go towards caring for rescued Border Collies! You can direct your donation to the Fearing-Lowder Medical Fund or to our general fund. Donations of any size are gratefully accepted.

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