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PUPDATE 23 February 2018 Briggs has been with us now for around 6 weeks and what a lovely boy he is. Very cuddly and eager to please, he is such a wonderful addition to our home. He gets along well with his foster sister, Ash (who can be a bully but he bears it with great patience), and it has been a peaceable kingdom in our household. We’ve gotten him a harness so he can accompany me on runs several times a week, which has done wonders for the excess weight he was carrying when he arrived. He’s now looking in shape and trim. Regular runs have also been a great opportunity to work with Briggs a bit on his leash manners, which are fine as long as there is no outside stimuli (read: cars, but especially the UPS truck). He’s learning to sit and stay when cars or trucks pass by and remain calm. . The longer Briggs has been with us, the more his Border Collie nature shows itself. He really needs to be kept mentally busy, and is very food-motivated, so a kong with treats inside are his favorite. When outside, he would love to chase every squirrel in the yard up every tree. At some point, he was entertained with a laser pointer, which has left him with what we call ‘sparkle fever’—he becomes fixated on any reflection, sometimes returning to a spot where he saw one hours before. Regular exercise and outside time have diminished this a bit—Briggs would be a great addition to an active home where his people hike, run, or play outside. He also likes the frisbee, although foster sister Ash makes sure he doesn’t get it too often. I think he could really become more of a frisbee dog in a home with less toy competition. . Inside, he has pretty lovely manners. He wants to be close to his people, and will follow us around the house and flop down wherever we linger. He is very good about scratching at the door and giving significant looks if he needs to go out—he’s never had a single accident. He crates up nicely on command (kennel up) and he learned it after just a few tries and some motivational kibble. He would LOVE to be allowed on the couch but curls up at our feet nicely, even though he makes sure we know it's definitely no couch in terms of comfort. . The one caveat to his inside manners is FOOD. Briggs is the most food-motivated dog I’ve ever met. This can be a force for good (training him with a little kibble is really easy) but also for mischief (counter surfing, the eating of inappropriate things like toilet paper). We’ve managed this by border training him to our kitchen and just keeping counters clear. . Overall, Briggs is such a sweetheart who wants a family to cuddle him and give him structure and plenty of exercise, and in return, you’ll get a loyal and frankly very beautiful dog. He has the most gorgeous coloring and coat. His ears are particularly fun. . But his beauty is just the icing on the cake for this guy—a lover, a cuddler, a running buddy, a packmate. He is going to be the very best guy for his forever family. ******* PUPDATE 30 January 2018 - Briggs has been in foster for a few weeks and is doing very well. His foster takes him running, he hangs with his border collie friend in the house, and enjoys all sorts of family activities. He has been exposed to little people and big and has done very well, so a home where Briggs saw little ones on occasion would be fine. In foster, Briggs is housebroken, is crate trained, is following commands, and is responding well to what his humans are asking of him. Briggs will do best in a dog centric home where he will get plenty of play and exercise, as well as rules and training. He can hyper focus on cats, so a home without cats will be best. ******* Briggs came to us after being passed through several homes in a short period of time (through no fault of his own). It seems no one really had the time to spend with this guy, though no doubt they are missing out on a great companion. Briggs is a 7 year old, neutered male border collie - with 7 years of manners and care behind him. He is house broken (here), crate trained, uses a dog door, walks reasonably well on-leash, and is super food motivated. He reportedly resource guards food/toys from other dogs, though we have not seen that here. He is currently in a dog communal setting and has done very well. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know him. Briggs has only lived with adults, and while we have not seen any negative behaviour here, we feel it best that his new home is primarily adults and older children. Briggs is a real border collie, and will need ongoing training and guidance to be the best dog he can be. He does need to lose weight - good walks and structured play will go a long way to making that happen. Briggs is NOT good with cats (he stalks them relentlessly according to a previous caregiver) and is not good with livestock (bark/chase). Do you have what it takes to give this handsome boy a great furever home? . Please read our procedures prior to making inquiry regarding this dog. Please go to our main website at for more information regarding the adoption of this or any dog from our rescue. Please note that while this dog is currently available, any dog on our site may have an adoption pending and may not be available to you at this time. The same dog may later become available if the adoption falls through. Our website will give you details on our adoption procedures as well as an application for adoption. An application must be submitted prior to 'matching' an adopter with a dog as all dogs do not fit into all homes. We pride ourselves in our adoption process, we take the time to get to know our adopters so that we can place a dog with them that they can enjoy for years to come. Please understand that we will not discuss dogs with individual adopters until after the application process is completed. Our rescue does not have a public facility, therefore there are no visiting hours. Appointments to visit with the available dogs are made after the application process has been completed by our staff. To assist any dog within the MABCR organization, please consider making a donation to the general fund or to the medical fund. All dogs coming into our rescue are fully vetted (s/n and innoculations) prior to adoption. Rescuing animals is quite expensive. If you are unable to adopt, but would like to help this, or any other animal in our system, please consider a sponsorship donation. For information on our sponsorship program, please contact Sarah at DONATE ONLINE USING PAYPAL Thank you for your interest in Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue.


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