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PUPDATE 19 May 2017 - I loved hearing all of the positive feedback about Mya and her age. It's truly a wonderful thing that so many people have been positively affected by the adoption of an adult, or senior dog. Sadly, Mya is still here, still waiting. Can you give Mya what she needs? If not, can you help support Mya while she is in rescue ( )? Or can you help her find a home by sharing her photos with friends who are looking for canine companionship? Please consider. This special girl should have a home of her own where she is appreciated for who she is. Isn't that what we all want? ************ PUPDATE 25 March 2017 - Mya gets passed over quite a bit due to her age, and stranger issues. She is super affectionate with her people, but can get agitated (barking and carrying on) when strangers are in her yard and she is loose (off-leash). She is easily managed, and I do feel that in a normal home, she will improve with management and some effort on the part of her humans, we just need to find the right humans willing to commit to our girl. ************ PUPDATE 20 February 2016: Mya continues to do well here, she is crate trained, has excellent recall, is very responsive, and does well with dogs that she is comfortable with. Mya prefers the company of her humans, and does not like to be outside alone. ***** Mya came to use from a shelter, where she had bounced back twice. Both times she had been placed into homes with little understanding of border collies and their need for leadership and guidance. Mya is a delightful dog with loads of potential for the right home. Mya does have fear of 'some' dogs, though I am having difficulty getting a clear picture of what (and who) she is afraid of. (at this writing, she is out in the yard with 5 other dogs, both bitches and dogs). Unfortunately, Mya is somewhat proactive when she is afraid, though she can be easily controlled and redirected. Mya will do best in an active home with other dogs, and people who are experienced with dogs, and handling dogs with fear issues. Mya does need refinement in the manners department, and will benefit from classes and long walks, hiking, or perhaps running. Please see Mya's facebook album for additional photos: Please read our procedures prior to making inquiry regarding this dog. Please go to our main website at for more information regarding the adoption of this or any dog from our rescue. Please note that while this dog is currently available, any dog on our site may have an adoption pending and may not be available to you at this time. The same dog may later become available if the adoption falls through. Our website will give you details on our adoption procedures as well as an application for adoption. An application must be submitted prior to 'matching' an adopter with a dog as all dogs do not fit into all homes. We pride ourselves in our adoption process, we take the time to get to know our adopters so that we can place a dog with them that they can enjoy for years to come. Please understand that we will not discuss dogs with individual adopters until after the application process is completed. Our rescue does not have a public facility, therefore there are no visiting hours. Appointments to visit with the available dogs are made after the application process has been completed by our staff. To assist any dog within the MABCR organization, please consider making a donation to the general fund or to the medical fund. All dogs coming into our rescue are fully vetted (s/n and innoculations) prior to adoption. Rescuing animals is quite expensive. If you are unable to adopt, but would like to help this, or any other animal in our system, please consider a sponsorship donation. For information on our sponsorship program, please contact Sarah at DONATE ONLINE USING PAYPAL Thank you for your interest in Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue.


You can help rescued Border Collies immediately by making a tax deductible donation to Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue (MABCR) through PayPal. All donations to Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue go towards caring for rescued Border Collies! You can direct your donation to the Fearing-Lowder Medical Fund or to our general fund. Donations of any size are gratefully accepted.

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