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Welcome. We have done our best to compile good educational materials regarding Border Collies, canine health and well being, sports involving dogs, training and behaviour as well as other topics we feel may be of interest to visitors to our website. Should you have suggestions for links, articles or reading material to add to our site, please contact us. We welcome authors to submit works to be published on our page as well.



Private Consultation: You can schedule one on one private consulting with our resident border collie expert and behaviorist, Sarah Ruckelshaus. With nearly 25 years experience training and living with (lots and lots of) border collies, Sarah can help you navigate nearly any Border Collie issue.   It's simple to do and you can pay by check or on this site with paypal. If you pay by check, the check must arrive prior to your scheduled call or visit: 


1.  Our initial in person-on site assessment & consultation will last approximately 1 - 2 hours.  During that time we will discuss your dog's issues and what you have already tried to do to overcome those issues.  Some supportive recommendations will be given at this time. This initial consult is a flat $80 donation to MABCR. In the event that further training assistance is needed, the charge is $50 an hour per consult.  


2.  If you would like to leave your dog at MABCR "camp" for one on one intense work - we require a minimum four week committment.  We will work with your dog daily to help him/her overcome the issues presented.  At intervals throughout the month, Sarah will work with you so that you can continue your dog's training at home.  This charge is $1000 for the month and includes meals for your dog.  (dogs will be accepted as time and space permits.  Any issues beyond our expertise will be referred elsewhere.)


3.  If you want to consult with an expert about training or simple issues via phone, an initial consult is $30 for 30 minutes and $15 for each 15 minutes after that. You can prepay for this by check or paypal as well. 


4.  To schedule a phone or in person session or inquire about any of the training above, please email






You can help rescued Border Collies immediately by making a tax deductible donation to Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue (MABCR) through PayPal. All donations to Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue go towards caring for rescued Border Collies! You can direct your donation to the Fearing-Lowder Medical Fund or to our general fund. Donations of any size are gratefully accepted.

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