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For the past four years, Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue has offered an alternative break program to groups of students from colleges and university around the country. Alternative breaks are service-learning trips in which students spend their fall, winter, summer, or spring break volunteering with an organization and learning about the impact that organization is having on the local community. Through intensive immersion experiences of direct service, issue education, and reflection, students come away with new perspectives and the motivation to bring what they learned on-break to their home communities. 


MABCR and Victory Farm offer student groups food and lodging for up to 12 and a variety of projects including working directly with the dogs, building and repairing fences, and gates, gardening, and so much more. Volunteers have the opportunity to experience a close-knit community through weekly events like Yappy Hour, dinner out in Chestertown, Maryland, and working closely with the staff and board of MABCR. 



Break Away Photo
The photo above shows a group of volunteers from Break Away: The Alternative Break Connection, having completed cold frames for winter planting at Victory Farm. 



In January 2013, MABCR and Victory Farm served as the training site for the launch of an alumni program for Break Away and the national alternative breaks movement. Recent graduates looking to organize their local communities signed up to be leaders of Active Citizen Cities in Boston, Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti, Cincinnati, and Atlanta. The vision for Break Away and alternative breaks through MABCR is to create a society of active citizens. 


If you're interested in contributing to the alternative breaks program at MABCR either as a student group or donor, please email If you are interested in learning more about Break Away, please see



Break Away Needs starting March 2014:


We have several schools taking part in our Break Away program.  Lucky Us!  To make it a great success, we need help pulling it all together.  We have college students to feed, house and entertain AND we need project supervisors for our grand TO DO list over a 3 week period.


If you are able to donate a meal or supplies for a meal- please let us know!  Or, if you are a skilled carpenter, or great project manager, we need you too!  We have the volunteer help, we just need to provide them with enough leadership to get it all done right!  Please email us at if you want to take part.


You can help rescued Border Collies immediately by making a tax deductible donation to Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue (MABCR) through PayPal. All donations to Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue go towards caring for rescued Border Collies! You can direct your donation to the Fearing-Lowder Medical Fund or to our general fund. Donations of any size are gratefully accepted.

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