Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue Application

Date: July 4, 2020 11:20 PM    
Name: Partner's name:
Address: City:
State: Zip:
Home Phone: Cell phone:
Fax number: E-mail address:
Do you check mail often? (Please check and adjust spam software so e-mails from MABCR volunteers can reach you to begin your adoption process!)
Occupation: Work phone:
Partner's Occupation: Work phone:
Cell phone: E-mail address:
Best way to reach you: Best time to contact:

Hours spent at home:

Hours spent away from home:

1. Why do you want a Border Collie?

Are there other breeds of dog that you are interested in? If so, what breeds?

For what purpose do you want to adopt this dog?

How will you provide your new dog with the activity, exercise, and stimulation he needs to be happy?

2. Do you have a sex preference? Male Female No

3. Do you have a preference of: Coat: Color:

4. Would you consider:

The opposite sex? A different color/coat? A puppy? An older dog? A senior dog?

What age range of dog would you prefer to adopt?

Would you consider adopting a Border Collie mixed breed?

Are you flexible with any of the above options?

If so, to what extent? Please elaborate:

5. What size dog do you prefer? (height/pounds)

6. Have you ever owned a Border Collie or a dog from the herding or working breeds before?

7. Do you still have that dog?

What are the qualities that you liked the most about that dog?

And what are the qualities that you liked the least about that dog?

8. Please list past owned pets and what has happened with those pets that they are no longer with you:

Have you lost a pet (not through death)? Please explain.

9. Have you had a pet poisoned?

Have you had an animal killed by a vehicle?

Would you allow a dog to ride loose in the bed of a truck?

What are your hobbies?

Are you planning to include your new dog in those hobbies? If so, how?

10. Do you presently have any other animals?

List type, age and sex:

What types of activities do your current dogs enjoy?

11. Do you have children at home? Age(s)

If you have no children, are you planning a family in the future?

12. Is anyone in your house allergic to animals?
What type of animals?

13. Do all family adults work?

Is someone home during the day?

14. Are all other members of your household aware that you are considering adopting a dog?
15. Do you live in a house? Row or Town home Apartment Condo Trailer
16. Do you rent or own?
Are you planning to move in the near future?
17. If you rent, do you have the landlord's permission to keep a dog?
Please enclose a copy of your rental agreement that states you may have a dog. Please Note that this is a requirement for adoption and the adoption application will not be processed without a rental agreement.

18. What provisions will be made for your dog(s) when you are not at home?

Are you familiar with the crate training method?

Are you willing to crate your new dog when you first bring them to your home?

Where will your new dog sleep?

Please elaborate:

What provisions do you have for your dog if you away from home for extended periods of time?

19. Do you intend to keep your new dog primarily indoors or outdoors?

When outdoors, how will the dog be contained and will the dog have companionship?

Do you have a yard? Is it fenced?
What type of fencing?

20. Are you prepared to assume the financial responsibilities of caring for an animal, including inoculations, veterinarian care, emergency vet care, good quality food, licensing, etc.?

Are you familiar with Heartworm disease?

Are your present (or past) dogs on preventative?

21. Are you familiar with the animal regulations in your area?

22. Is the dog to be a gift? If so, for whom? Do they know they are getting the gift?
23. Do you understand that any rescue dog that you may adopt through Border Collie Rescue will be spayed/neutered?

24. What circumstances, in your mind, justify getting rid of a dog?

What experience do you have with 'behavioral' problems in dogs?

Do you have access to professional trainer to help with training problems if they arise?

25. Are you willing to allow an MABCR Representative member to visit your home by appointment?

26. Do you understand that there will be a $300.00 donation for the adopted dog and that donation will be due on the day of adoption?

27. Do you understand and agree that if you ever decide to relinquish the dog that said dog must be returned to Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue at your expense?

28. Please list name, address, and phone number of your family vet:
Phone Number:
Contact person:
Please include copies of shot records of all presently owned animals. All animals living inside of the home must be current with Rabies and distemper inoculations (we will accept titers). This is not optional and must include all in-home domestic animals being cared for by the applicant. (ferrets, cats and dogs). Please e-mail records to us at SLR@mabcr.org. Failure to supply veterinary records will delay or prevent your application from being processed.
29. Please list name address and phone numbers of references (at least two non-family members) who are familiar with your lifestyle and ability to take care of animals. Failure to supply references and emergency contacts will delay or prevent your application from being processed.
Name: Phone number:
Best time to call: E-mail address:

Name: Phone number:
Best time to call: E-mail address:
Please list contact information for two people (not the same as above and not otherwise part of the application) who would know how to contact you in the event of an emergency. These contacts may be relatives and may be called as references as well.
Name: Phone number:
Best time to call: E-mail address:

Name: Phone number:
Best time to call: E-mail address:
30. Have you applied with any other rescue leagues or shelters?
If so, with whom?
Who is your contact with them?
phone number or e-mail address

31. How did you hear about Border Collie Rescue?

I am in full agreement with the Border Collie Rescue Terms of Adoption (above). By clicking the Submit button below I am attesting to the truthfulness of my answers. I understand that falsification of any of the above information will be grounds to disallow the adoption of a rescue Border Collie.

Typing your name in electronic form is readily accepted.

NOTE: If you are under 18 years of age, a parent or guardian must also sign this application. Thank you for considering a dog from Border Collie Rescue. If you have any questions, or if we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to ask. We reserve the right to refuse any applicant for any reason.


You can help rescued Border Collies immediately by making a tax deductible donation to Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue (MABCR) through PayPal. All donations to Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue go towards caring for rescued Border Collies! You can direct your donation to the Fearing-Lowder Medical Fund or to our general fund. Donations of any size are gratefully accepted.

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